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You may, sadly, be faced with the task of arranging a funeral for someone close to you.


Most funerals these days are held at a Crematorium, and the Parish Clergy are always willing to officiate there for you. Please make it clear to the Funeral Director if you wish the local Clergy to conduct a Church of England service. The Funeral Director will then contact us to make the necessary arrangements.


In the case of a burial, the funeral service is very often held at St. Dunstan's Church before going to the cemetery. It is also possible to have a funeral service in the Church before a cremation. Again, please ensure the Funeral Director knows your wishes.


MEMORIAL SERVICES for the families of those who have died are held in November (Remembrance Sunday) and June. Where Feltham clergy have officiated at a funeral we will send an invitation to the family for one of the following Memorial Services.