St Catherine's Church

  • St Catherine's Church

    In 1880 St Catherine's Church was built at the junction of Hanworth Road with Feltham High Street. It was a "chapel at ease" for the Parish of Feltham, and St Dunstan's Church, to accommodate worshipers as Feltham grew rapidly. The Spire was added in 1898. In the 1970s, the size of congregations was falling, however, and the original St Catherine's did not really meet modern needs. There were plans to build a modern replacement church, an Ecumenical Centre with other churches including Hanworth Road Methodist nearby. but this fell through. Instead, the old parish hall was also sold and the main 'sanctuary' of St Catherine's was demolished in 1976, by the Redundant Churches Commission, but the tower was saved and is now a listed building. Hanworth Road Methodist was re-modelled with part of the proceeds of sale, and became a shared building in October 1981, re-named as Christ Church.

    The peal of 10 bells was removed and are now in The St. Pierre du Bois Church, Guernsey, Channel Islands. Assisted by the Central Council of Church Bellringers the bells were taken to Guernsey in time to ring for the 40th Anniversary of Liberation Day in May 1985. They have been ringing merrily ever since and they believe that there is no sweeter peal of bells then them in Guernsey.

    Videos of the bells ringout from St. Pierre du Bois Church can be found here